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Nov 16, 2017: Braves News Braves anticipate results of investigation soon
Nov 16, 2017: Braves Blogs
talking chop- A history of MLB penalties and potential impact on the Braves
talking chop- Atlanta Braves News and Links: Here comes the boom
tomahawk take- Commissioner yet to decide Atlanta Braves punishment
talking chop- Braves penalties will definitely include loss of prospects signed from Latin America, per report

Nov 15, 2017: Braves News Anthopoulos quickly identifying Braves' needs Anthopoulos humbly embraces new challenge
Nov 15, 2017: Braves Blogs
talking chop- Atlanta Braves news: Dont expect coaching changes right now
tomahawk take- Atlanta Braves penalties are coming soon: heres a best guess on what they might be
braves journal- Alex Anthopoulos

Nov 14, 2017: Braves News Anthopoulos gets Schuerholz-like opportunity
Nov 14, 2017: Braves Blogs
tomahawk take- Atlanta Braves hire of Alex Anthopoulos may lead to more changes in front office
talking chop- Atlanta Braves News and Links: Anthopoulos introduced as Braves GM
talking chop- Braves sidestep pitfalls with independent Anthopoulos
tomahawk take- Atlanta Braves: Braves and Orioles showing interest in Peter Moylan
talking chop- Talking Chop Podcast Episode 91: The Alex Anthopoulos Experience
tomahawk take- Atlanta Braves: some quick takeaways from todays GM news
tomahawk take- Atlanta Braves fans buckle up: its gonna be a wild ride
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